Donations – Volunteering – Suggestions

Now that the Co-op is open, we need your participation more than ever.  There are multiple ways for you to get involved.  The Co-op is in need of some specific items in the space so please take a look at the list below as you may have an extra one of these lying around.  As a member-owner you are always welcome to sit in during co-op board meetings, and there you can get a chance to meet the people who represent you on the board and learn more about the Co-op and where you could be of help. You can also look below at the different volunteer task forces and see if there is something you would like to get involved in; or you could simply send us an email or give us a call.  This is a community-owned, community led project, and we appreciate your participation!


The Co-op is in need of the following item:

  • Cabinet, table or bookshelf no longer than 4 feet wide preferably around 4 ft tall

General descriptions of our current Volunteer Task Forces are below and details are regularly updated on this page.













some of the mandates include:
– Directing volunteers to best suited task force
– Outreach to groups, businesses, future member-owners and member-owner lenders
– Updates, communications, social media, newsletter, keeping in contact with the members
– Doing tabling, events, Powerpoint presentations in front of groups
– Distributing brochures and flyers in and around the Co-op’s service area
Contact: Veronique, Chair of committee or Haleigh, Co-op summer intern (

some of the mandates include:
– Researching and writing draft policies for the Co-op (including but not limited to: HR, product purchasing, vendor contracts, volunteering, personnel, legal, etc.)
Contacts: Co-Chairs Kala and Garrison (

some of the mandates include:
– Direct connection and point of contact with the membership
– Prepare and compile surveys of member-owners opinions and needs
– Follow up with member-owners requests and concerns

some of the mandates include:
– Develop our capital campaign plan and execute it
– Reach out to the membership and local partners for their participation

Here is a timeline showing the progress of the project so far!


Please fill out the following form if you are interested in:
– Volunteering before-during-after the renovations of the Co-op new home
– Volunteering on one of our board sub-committees (outreach, policy, renovation, fundraising)
– Donating materials to the Co-op
– Offering a suggestion to improve meeting the needs of its member-owners and community.

Please be as specific as possible, with availability, description of materials, skills you have, etc.

Thank you for your support!