Café Menu Contest

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The Gardiner Food Co-op wants your help to create the best menu for its cafe, a menu made of simple feel-good recipes, inspired by local food.  On Saturday, July 19th 2014, join the Co-op at the Gardiner Farmer’s Market to witness a menu in the making!   The community will have the opportunity to shape our menu by taste testing and selecting the best soup and specialty grill-cheese recipes in the region. Bring your best and favorite soup and/or specialty grill-cheese recipe and get a chance to have your recipe on the menu, or bring your spoons and take part in the judging.

To enter your recipe in the contest, you must fill an entry form by July 17th. See all contest rules below before entering.


Entry form:

Contest rules:

– The recipe you provide has to be either a soup (or a chilli) or a specialty grill-cheese, and by that we mean a grill-cheese that has more umph than lets say plain white bread and american cheese slices.  (for example it could be: an oat and honey loaf of bread, with goat cheese and pesto)

– You must provide all ingredients used.

– If it is not your original recipe and you are using a recipe from a book or blog, provide the source.

– Bring at least 5 portions of the dish so that at least 20 judges can participate in the taste test (every judge will get at least 2 bites of your dish, be it the soup or the grill-cheese).

– Enter your dish online before July 12th

– If your dish wins, it will be chosen to be on the Co-op’s cafe menu.