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Now Offering Farm Fresh Rewards

Farm Fresh Rewards are known as “nutrition incentives,” which increase the value of federal nutrition assistance dollars (SNAP/EBT) spent at retail locations around Maine such as the Co-op.


For every $5 of local food you buy using your SNAP card, you will earn a $5 voucher to spend on local fruits and vegetables. Examples of local products include bread, dairy, meat, jam, and other locally produced food products that are accepted by EBT.  For more examples of local food and produce CLICK HERE.

Farm Fresh Rewards vouchers may be spent at any participating retail location in Maine. To participate in the program, you must fill out a brief application and bring it into the Co-op.  A staff member will then give you an overview of the program and how to best maximize your dollars! You may download and print the application here: DOWNLOAD SIGN UP FORM

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Highlights of Farm Fresh Rewards:

  • SNAP shoppers can buy more healthy food
  • Maine farmers gain new customers
  • More food dollars stay in the local economy

For more information about the program, please visit the official Farm Fresh Rewards website HERE.


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