5 thoughts on “Everyone is welcome to shop at the Co-op!

  1. tonya gorman (@tg5beads) says:

    The Gardiner Co-op has been a busy place for the last few weeks and I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of it! So many great products and vendors! It has been wonderful to see so many people coming in to see the progress we have made and get excited to finally have the Co-op open for business. Great place, great people!

  2. verovendette says:

    Hope to see everyone at our Open House Pizza Night for the Co-op, this Saturday, Feb 22, from 5 to 7 at Circling the Square Fine Art Press (275 Water St). Should be a lot of fun, great local ingredient pizza (even some gluten free), world class music, and great discussions about the future Gardiner Food Co-op & Café. For more info go to the events page.

  3. Véronique Vendette says:

    Thank you for being there KLFI (and all of the volunteers who make it happen!), since I moved to Gardiner you have helped me get as much of my food as possible from sustainable local farmers and producers, most of whom I would have not had access to otherwise. I love picking up my order every two weeks and I can’t wait for the future Coop to open! Thank you, thank you!

  4. Marcina Johnson says:

    Tomorrow, Wednesday March 20 at 7 pm, please come to City Hall (Gardiner) and support ownership of mini-goats as pets providing unpasteurized raw milk for one’s own family…both sustainable and secure. This is a big meeting…please come. Marcina Johnson

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