Everyone is welcome to shop at the Co-op!

Co-op Shirt Sale

Co-op shirts are available for sale online. Shirts will be delivered right to your front door! This is a special fundraising order and it is only available for a limited time. Get one for a friend or family member this holiday season.

There are a variety of styles, sizes, and colors available. Check out the link for all options. Share and comment with which one you want for the holidays!


CLICK HERE TO PLACE AN ORDER. You have until December 9th to place your order before the group order closes.

Now Offering Maine Harvest Bucks

Maine Harvest Bucks are known as “nutrition incentives,” which increase the value of federal nutrition assistance dollars (SNAP/EBT) spent at participating farmers’ markets, Community Supported Agriculture farms, and retail outlets that sell local produce such as the Co-op. The program is put on by The Main Farmland Trust.


At the Gardiner Co-op the program will work as follows and is only eligible for purchases made with an EBT card. For every local item purchased, the customer will earn one Harvest Bucks $5 voucher (limit to 3 vouchers earned per customer per day).  Examples of local products include bread, dairy, meat, jam, and other locally produced food products that are accepted by EBT.  Each $5 voucher may then be spent during future visits on local produce items.

Highlights of Maine Harvest Bucks

SNAP shoppers can buy more healthy food

Maine farmers gain new customers

More food dollars stay in the local economy

 Become a Member-Owner Today!


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